Ling Qingxuan, the elder of the cultivation world’s top sect, died. Dying in the most dubious way, she was bonded to a system that calls itself Hei Pizhu (Black-skinned pig- sounds similar to HAPPY pig).

“Dear host, system number ZZ at your service, completing the mission will allow you to be revived~!”

Ling Qingxuan: “No.” She already lived for thousands of years, she was sick of living, can’t it just directly destroy her body?

“Ok host, let’s begin our mission~~”

The emotionless her who lived for thousands of years is now forced to accept the mission of un-blackening the villain. Thus, Ling Qingxuan started her journey on this ….increasingly more and more troubling path.

Ling Qingxuan: “ ZZ, why is the villain holding my hand?”

ZZ: “ The weather is too cold.”

Ling Qingxuan: “ZZ, why is the villain hugging me?”

ZZ: “The weather is too cold.”

Ling Qingxuan : “ZZ, the villain pulled me under the covers, has the weather been very cold recently?”

ZZ: “Oh gosh! Villain, I’m warning you to be nice!”

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