The author's diary of ghost stories

The author's diary of ghost stories


764 Chapters Ongoing Status


[Single heroine or no heroine, don’t watch if you mind]
[Infinite flow of wits] + [Imagination and strange stories] + [Word games] + [Fun humanities]
The core of the power system: text synthesis↓
A piece of "stone" and a piece of "skin" combined into the character "break" can break thousands of things.
【Scenario shows】:
When encountering zombies, just carry rice with you and scatter it.
"Corpse" plus "rice" form a large mosaic, instantly turning the enemy invisible.
*The copy involves [Zoo Rules Weird Tales] [Prison Mirror] [Logical Man]...
"Is it time to download the dungeon again and talk about catching monsters?"
Yu Liang, the author of the ghost story, sat sleepily in front of the computer, stretched out, and finished writing the leave request with ease.
[Pull the crotch bar]
My nephew has given birth, please take a day off^_^

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