Taoist Master, Stop Fighting. The Heavenly Path Is Almost Destroyed

Taoist Master, Stop Fighting. The Heavenly Path Is Almost Destroyed


442 Chapters Ongoing Status


As the world falls, who will save the heavens from tilting?
Demons and evil spirits arise between heaven and earth, and the Taoist Master stands firm and masculine.
I am Yi Chen, with the Taoist name Yi Cheng Zi. At eighteen years old, I fear violent evil spirits and like to make money.
With a heavy heart and ruthless hands, I traverse into a strange world where demons and evil spirits exist, becoming the eldest disciple of the Hidden Dragon Observatory. Before my master’s death, he admonished me to adhere to the path of benevolence and righteousness, to take good care of my juniors, to which I agreed.
However, my understanding of the path of benevolence and righteousness differs slightly from my master’s.
What is benevolence? To split evil people and ghosts in half is to be benevolent.
What is righteousness? To smash the heads of evil people and ghosts into their chests, achieving righteousness.
After my master’s death, with the help of my golden finger and being unable to awaken my ‘spirituality’ for cultivation, I embarked on an unconventional path of cultivation.
Facing the wolves that emerged eager after my master’s death, I struck hard, comprehending the true essence of righteousness.
Against the evil spirits blocking my way, I used the iron fist of love to transform them.
I slay demons, exorcise evil spirits, and test swords with various spiritual cultivators, experiencing the world’s landscapes.
When I reached the peak and looked around, I was shocked to find that demons were just minor troubles; this world is falling… A thousand-year plan, an eternal mystery, slowly unfolds.
The bizarre, undying force has arrived.
Seeing this, Yi Chen laughed; even evil dogs passing by his Taoist observatory had to take a slap, and yet someone dared to disrespect him?
With one foot, Daoist Yi soared to the skies!
The onlookers exclaimed, “Master, stop fighting. The Heavenly Path is almost destroyed.”

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