Starting from playing as a defensive midfielder for Real Madrid

Starting from playing as a defensive midfielder for Real Madrid


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Someone starts out as a mediocre defensive midfielder.

Later, he happened to learn some organization, some pushing with the ball, and some free kicks.

So the football world became lively.

Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo like him very much because he is good-looking and well-spoken. More importantly, he can help them wipe their butts so that they can attack with peace of mind in the frontcourt.

Messi loves and hates him because he gets excited when he plays Barcelona, but he always seduces Messi to play brotherly football with him.

All No. 8 players like to work with him. His protection is everywhere and his ability to withstand pressure is the best in football.

He is a super barrier in front of the central defender, the best partner of the midfielders, and a solid shield behind the forward.

Xabi Alonso is his teacher, Mourinho is his BOSS, and Bo 100 million is his younger brother.

Whenever a reporter asked him how he grew up, he would tell him:

"You have to work hard when training!"

This was not him at Versailles.

Because he really reached the football finale step by step!

All of this has to start with the story of a born non-chief...

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