Start: Transform into my king and start to threaten all worlds

Start: Transform into my king and start to threaten all worlds


48 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Start: Transform into my king and start to threaten all worlds

(Shuangwen, invincible, pleasant, satisfying, transformation) (The first world pirate is in progress) At the beginning, she transformed into a multi-class and full-level King Arthur, and the mission is: XXXX Then... she decided to suppress the world with absolute force, Let the world know your majesty!(Britain? no! Great Britain reappears! {bushi}) Rebuild the glory of Britain!Knights of the Round Table in Britain!Run for me again——!......... On the eve of the war, Ling Yuqi was lying leisurely on the beach enjoying the sun with today's newspaper in hand and sunglasses on his eyes.It's just that today's newspaper is a bit rich in content, which prevents her from enjoying life as much as she wants... Today's newspaper reads: [Shocked!The navy chose to publicly execute the captain of the second division of the Whitebeard Pirates. Could it be that they were going to start a war with the Whitebeard Pirates?!] [The Red-Haired Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates have secret contact!Could it be that the two Yonko forces are going to form an alliance to jointly deal with the navy?!] [The new world is in turmoil!Crocodile, the new generation of the four emperors who swept everything, actually declared the establishment of Tsarist Russia at this time, and pointed his sword at the four emperors Kaido!How deep is Britain's heritage?] [In this era of chaos, the four sea areas ruled by the Kingdom of Britain are the safest place.Where is the justice preached by the Navy and the World Government?] [This time the navy's public execution will happen again...] With the corner of his mouth slightly raised, Ling Yuqi turned to the purple-haired man who was grilling food on the beach and said, "Sir Lancelot, that guy Crocodile seems to be confused about reality. , you go to the new world... teach him a lesson!"


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