Start extracting talents from Siberian tigers

Start extracting talents from Siberian tigers


417 Chapters Ongoing Status


Reborn as a Siberian tiger, Lin Tianwei has a chance to extract the talent of the target as long as he kills the target.
Strengthening? lasting? Super doubling? Atomic breath? ...Gulfer?
With the accumulation of various powerful talents, Lin Tianwei gradually became stronger, and eventually grew into the eternal nightmare that dominated the United States, until he included the entire Blue Star in his territory.
Suddenly one day, a terrifying figure came, covering the sky and the sun, shrouding the entire Blue Star in shadow.
This is a terrifying behemoth from the universe, even larger than Blue Star.
Just when everyone was scared, Lin Tianwei smiled slightly and showed his sharp fangs.
Delicious food will be delivered to your door.
This is simply awesome!
I really look forward to what kind of powerful talent I will gain after smashing it...

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