sports super villain

sports super villain


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Story of: sports super villain

NCAA bench player and 2015 NBA undrafted Ye Fei accidentally acquired the Super Villain System, starting a super villain legend in the sports world.

Punch the opponent to get [Power Double Potion].

Rage against the team's top management and obtain [Full Body Strengthening Transformation].

After angrily dunking, blood hating, and spraying "Dream Chaser" Green, beat him violently.

"Drummond Green's disgust value for the host reaches 100. Congratulations on getting 100 villain points."

Come on, give me a [full-field shot] skill, I want to vote for the Crying Warriors!

"Congratulations to the host for conquering Taylor Swift and gaining 100,000 charm points."

My ball-handling ability is maxed out. I want to protect the ball better than Henry and dribble better than James Harden.

I'm talking about two balls in each hand.

Whether you like me or hate me, it will make me stronger.

In my world of sports super villains.

To be fair, it doesn't exist!


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