Siheyuan: The whole courtyard is my prey!

Siheyuan: The whole courtyard is my prey!


65 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Siheyuan: The whole courtyard is my prey!

Li Yulan, a resident of the courtyard, wrote a letter to her nephew in the countryside before she died of illness.

The birds didn't care at first and continued to discuss how to divide the furniture and the house.

Until one day, Li Xiangdong appeared at the door with a bow and three hundred pounds of wild boar on his back.

Li Xiangdong, who is two meters tall and weighs two hundred and forty pounds, looks down at the birds, revealing his big white teeth.

The birds were trembling with fear!

Silly Zhu: "Brother Dong, I'm a good cook. Leave the cooking to me."

Xu Damao: "Brother Dong, whatever movie you want to watch, I'll show it."

Qin Huairu: "A Dong, I'm too tired to be alone, so I called Jingru here."

Li Xiangdong smiled. Who said staying in a courtyard is cozy? It's not too comfortable!


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