Red dragon: in charge of natural disasters

Red dragon: in charge of natural disasters


425 Chapters Ongoing Status


This red dragon came from the desolate north and coveted all power in the world. He has been called the Fury of the Mountains, the Burning Ember, the Gilded Catastrophe, the Dragon of Thunder and Fire, the Reaper of Life. And when the players called "Starfaller" by the prophets arrived, he had a new title-the Controller of Natural Disasters.
"I am in charge of natural disasters!"
The red dragon stood on the giant starship, spread out its wings that covered the sky, and said so.
This is the story of a hardcore veteran player who travels to "Erezegai" to become the world boss Red Dragon in his previous life, pursues individual power, and builds his own multiverse empire.
(pseudo dnd, fourth natural disaster, red dragon)

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