Reborn as a Transcendent

Chapter 410: Stare ~ I'm staring at you, ahh!

"What's wrong?" Noting Ye Feng's abnormality,

Alicia looked up. But didn't see anything


Li Gang, I feel something is stealing

Look at us. Ye Feng stumbled and recovered soon.

"Maybe an illusion." Alicia stared

For a few seconds above, still no abnormalities were found.

"Yuanyuan, how about you?" Then she looked at Lin

Yuanyuan asked.

"No." Lin Yuanyuan shook his head.

As for the little devil, it's still broken


(Illusion? How can illusions come out one after another?


Something must be following me. )

Ye Feng looks dignified, with the same vigilance in her heart

Inch, quietly-with a breath on top-passing by.

(No? How is it possible !?)

The result surprised her.

(Is the other party using hyperopia-like magic in

Spying on us?

No, if it's peeping at us, Alicia

It should feel right.

The other person's purpose is only me!)

Ye Feng grew more and more frightened.

This unknown creature seems to have a lot to offer

Ability and purpose.

"Next, we have to be careful


Although the other party has not acted yet, prevent

It's always right.

Otherwise, wait until things happen, everything

It's late.

Fifteen minutes later.

The break is over.

"Ming, I want to spit a thousand% little magic fairy open my mouth

-The face looks irrepressible.

Now her mouth was full of potions.

"Just get used to it." Ye Feng said lightly.

Lin Yuanyuan nodded strongly.

The little magic fairy was speechless for a while.

"A few more hours, it's almost the same.

Ye Feng comforted.

(Ah, help, I really want to go back to sleep ---

I heard that the little devil wants to cry without tears, the medicine in his mouth

The water taste seemed to become more intense.

Going down the hole, Ye Feng and others were shocked.

Danger came to the seventh floor.

The ground and walls here are covered with a lot of metal

Under the shining of light crystals, it is particularly conspicuous.

"Another precious metal that can't be mined." Ye Feng

Annoyed. .

"So many, even if you can dig you can't take it away.

"Alicia laughed.

"Princess, there is a treasure chest here!" At this moment,

Lin Yuanyuan was suddenly excited.

Hearing the word Treasure Chest, Ye Fengye-Prestige

Sure enough, I saw-one with patina on it.

Very old and huge treasure chest.

"I don't know if there will be treasure in it!"

Lin Yuanyuan's eyes twinkled, not the same expectations.

"Maybe." Ye Feng said lightly.

Immediately afterwards, Yang Yan shot out.

The fire flickered!

Next-engraved, [阳 炎] crashed into the treasure chest and issued

A loud bang. "His!" No, but also from the treasure chest


"Winning the prize." Ye Feng laughed.

"Um, yes." Watching the treasure box open

Lin Yuanyuan eyes when jumping out of a **** mouth monster

Horns twitched, secretly clamoring for danger.

If you just approached the past, you would definitely want to

Take a bite and turn your head off.

"A treasure chest monster, really interesting stuff.

Alicia took out her sword and smiled.

By the time of the knife repair, she has recovered

Some fighting feeling.

At this moment, eager to try.

"Let ’s go together. I ’m in charge of supporting and losing.

. Ye Feng withdrew [yang yan] and quickly switched to


Yes! "Lin Yuanyuan, Little Demon Fairy and Alixi

Aceh answered.

The treasure chest monster is only level 28. For Ye Feng,

Poorly weak, but for Lin Yuanyuan and others,

It's just right. Especially Alicia, her fighting feels positive

As we slowly recover, we need more suitable opponents.

"Alicia, appropriate shot." Ye Fengding


"Um." Alicia nodded, her own

Physical condition, I know best.

She didn't dare to mess around.

"Kill!" By this time, Lin Yuanyuan had killed

In the past, the crimson staff knocked heavily on the treasure chest monster.

The whole body is dark, but the teeth are shiny white

The monster screamed suddenly.

[Cruel Staff] Red light blooms, Lin Yuanyuan touches

Send out the Whirlwind Wand, and roll the opponent directly into the air.

"Change me." Little magic fairy caught the opportunity, yes

The monster in the floating chest shot wildly.

By the time her outbreak ends, Alicia is already

-Jumping up, like a butterfly dancing, a monster in the treasure chest

There are more than a dozen swords on the body. bosAco **** flying! SF light

The scream of screaming broke out from the treasure chest monster


At the same time, Ye Feng blinked his eyes, purple bow [

Crazy Thunder] fired the sky arrow rain.

Lin Yuanyuan and others quickly dispersed.

Immediately after that, the area became a thunder pond.

The purple electric storm rises and blame the treasure chest again

Send things to heaven

Ye Feng's outbreak just started, I saw her hands

Pull the bowstring as fast as if it disappeared.

A violent arrow of energy burst out, making the front

It turns into a purple thunder sea in an instant!

The little magic fairy retreated to the safe area and sighed in her heart.

After descending, I also bowed and put arrows there.

Lin Yuanyuan smashed [Holy Spirit's Hammer]

go with. After the break-in period, their cooperation

Already skilled. .

Although not as seamless as it is,

Fairly decent. At the end of Ye Feng's outbreak, the little magic fairy and the forest

Yuanyuan immediately stopped attacking.

Treasure chest monster fell from above with severe pain

Makes his face twisted, and his heart is angry and frightened.

Because it finds its vitality seems fast

To the end.


Survival instincts surge at this moment, so that

The treasure chest monster is full of energy as if it were back to light.

Of course, all this is an illusion.

After the period ends, it will become half dead.

However, it is better than being killed now-10,000 times.


However, the sound of Tao sounds around, put

The treasure chest's hope of escape was completely shattered.

The light of the sword flashed, and Alicia's Butterfly Dance continued to cut!

"So beautiful ... looking so elegant and beautiful

Lin Yuanyuan aspired for Li's attack.

Unlike a princess like a fairy, Ai

West Asia is not so far away and untouchable.

As long as you work hard, you ca n’t become Alicia

Ya like that. (Think carefully, the princess and us are simply not

People of the same world. )

Lin Yuanyuan tilted his head to Ye Feng and sent out in his heart


Obviously Alicia's identity is more noble and temperament

More elegant, but standing with the princess will make

Lin Yuanyuan felt a huge gap.

(The princess is heavenly.)

She couldn't help thinking.


Alicia landed lightly, her sword came back,

A crisp sound came out.

Immediately after, everyone saw the treasure chest monster body

Cracked a dozen pieces, green splash.

Finally it crashed and fell to the ground.

"Sister Alicia, hard work!" Lin Yuan

Yuan trot over and wiped her face that didn't exist

Sweat. During the Raiders Maze, the relationship between the two has been

Become quite intimate.

From the first princess friend to Alice

In the future, she may become Alicia ’s sister

My sister may not.

This is the change Ye Feng is happy to see.

"Princess, there is something there!

As Ye Feng watched the interaction between the two,

Xiao Moxian said suddenly.

Looking at the sound, Ye Feng saw a pool of blood, and there were N \ 'small treasure chests emerging. NW

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