Rebirth, the national sister is my sister! ! !

Rebirth, the national sister is my sister! ! !


169 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Rebirth, the national sister is my sister! ! !

[Single female protagonist + sweet pet + daily life + comedy + entertainment industry + variety show + e-sports + technology + sister control + brother control + happy friends + childhood sweethearts] He was born in a conglomerate family with a net worth of over 10 billion!He was kept in the courtyard by his parents to study since he was a child.He has no friends, he has never talked to his 27-year-old girlfriend, and he has never even touched a girl's hand.His previous life was a tragedy, this time he wants to take control of his own life.Complete all the regrets in this life.And... ...we also need to take good care of this lovely sister who was wronged.Luo Xingyun: "You all get out of here and stay away from her." Bai Xinyun: "Thank you... thank you." Luo Xingyun: "You are going to call me brother from now on, you know? From now on, I am Your family will take care of you...all your life...for the rest of your life." ... Fans: "Wow, the national sister is so beautiful, so beautiful!" Fans: "Ah, my sister is so cute. , I want to give birth to a monkey for her." Fans: "Wait, holy shit, who is that man? Why is he carrying my sister on his back? Ah! I want to duel with him." Fans: "What the hell, they are not celebrities. Really? They actually do it in public, they are going too far!" Fans: "What is this? They are still showing off their affection in front of tens of millions of people in the live broadcast room." ... Luo Xingyun: "I My wife is Bai Xinyun!" Bai Xinyun: "My husband is Luo Xingyun!" [I only blame you for your sudden glance that day, which made me reluctant to leave, and from then on, you agreed to my eternal love]


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