Rebirth O is Always Fishing For Me

Rebirth O is Always Fishing For Me


93 Chapters Completed Status


Ming Jingfei: “Please, mark me.” “Okay, you can get out.”
Xie Xuanzhuo: Good guy, there are two faces.
Xie Xuanzhuo was originally the young daughter of the late emperor and was well-loved.
Once a traitorous official usurped the country, the noble princess was reduced to a prisoner. She had to live in the folk, pretending to be stupid and selling steamed buns.
After years of hard work and humiliation, she finally regained the throne.
However, there was a saint who always tried to seduce her soul, and even offered to make a “sleep agreement” by herself.
The purpose was actually to use her to produce a herbal medicine and help the saint to achieve a true fruit by herself.
At first, the saint smiled softly, “Every night, seven times a night.”
Later, the saint smiled coldly, “Take the money and get out.”

Ming Jingfei is a high-ranking saint in Tianwu Palace. She lived a new life. She originally decided to cut off love and love, and only cultivate her own way.
Don’t provoke Xie Xuanzhuo again, lest you end up with the same heartbreak and death as the previous life.
It’s a pity that Xiu Dao missed a medicine called Yueyi. However, the moon clothes have long since disappeared.
However, she knew that Xie Xuanzhuo’s incense changed when she met others, and Xie Xuanzhuo’s taste inspired by herself was exactly what she needed.
Because, Ming Jingfei understands how to cultivate moon clothes—
As long as she and Xie Xuanzhuo’s letter incense blended together, after many times, the flower of the moon will bloom by itself.
Ming Jingfei, with a desire for revenge, found out that Xie Xuanzhuo was hiding in Qingyu town selling steamed buns.
In order to cultivate Yueyi, she wants to make this person fall in love with her, and then abandon this person like a shoe, thinking that Xie Xuanzhuo’s heartbroken voice must be very good.
However, Xie Xuanzhuo showed a smirk, Ming Jingfei was dumbfounded, no… never heard that Xie Xuanzhuo was a fool before…
On the surface, the rebirth of the saintess is actually a demon, crazily criticizing beauty O (all for revenge) X forbearance, black belly, abstinence, beautiful monster A (also for revenge)

Demining: A has organs Shuangjie, sweet and cruel

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