Players Please Get In the Car

Players Please Get In the Car


2220 Chapters Ongoing Status


“Players are welcome to board the special train for the Dimension Crack game. This train will go from the E-level departure station to the D-level station. Please ensure that your life is safe and orderly get on the train and abide by the rules of the ride.”

“Ride rules are as follows:”

“1. Please do not bring non-game items on the train. (Except underwear)”

“2. Must consume. (The train staff are all working without pay)”

“3. Do not turn on the lights after turning off the lights. (Except for those who are daring and talented)”

“In addition, the train encourages a variety of leisure methods such as sneak attacks, fights, and hunting. Players are invited to choose at will.”

“I wish you a pleasant journey.”


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