Original God Inventory: Fu Nina compares with gods as a mortal

Original God Inventory: Fu Nina compares with gods as a mortal


73 Chapters Ongoing Status


Teyvat has come to take stock of the many glorious deeds, whether by mortals or gods.

Take stock of Funina, who plays the role of the water goddess in a mortal body, bears the curse and wear and tear of five hundred years, endures it alone, and finally saves Fontaine!

People and gods were shocked, and Fengdan burst into tears.

Zhongli: With human spirit, it can withstand five hundred years of wear and tear. Even though it is a mortal, it can still rival the gods!

Lei Movie: Such a strong spirit has not wavered for hundreds of years, and her spirit has reached the divine state!

Everyone in Fengdan: Woo hoo hoo, Lady Funina, it turns out that you have been burdened with so much pain!

Taking inventory one after another——

Lady: Witch of burning fire, don’t call me witch!

Ruotuo Dragon King: Is this God’s consideration?

Water God Fukalos: Use the second-generation new god to lay out a five-hundred-year plan, crush the water god’s throne, save Fontaine, and break the inevitable prophecy of destruction!

Many scenes that were either tear-jerking or shocking moved countless people.

Tevarin: This is the real god, Barbatos, get down to business!

Wendy: Hey~



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