One-click Recovery Since I was a Special Soldier

One-click Recovery Since I was a Special Soldier


2300 Chapters Ongoing Status


The takeaway brother Qin Yuan has a one-click recovery system, and the items put in can provide himself with related attributes and abilities!

Put in the marksmanship, get the peak marksmanship, superb!

Put in the kitten and get super sensitive! See a slow motion of human left and right hands!

Put in an owl and get super night vision! The night vision is like day! No one can hide!

Add cacti and get super drought resistance! Add water bear worms and get super vitality!

Put in the spider and get the spider danger sensor! Put in the platypus and gain the bioelectricity ability!

Until one day, Chu Yuan put a unicorn fairy in his backpack…

This is awesome!

Qin Yuan gained 850 times his weight!

From then on, he started his life against the sky and became the super B king who made the whole world scared!


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