NBA: Starting with the integration of Aomine Daiki

NBA: Starting with the integration of Aomine Daiki


157 Chapters Ongoing Status


Travel through 2010 and obtain [NBA Black Basket System]

Fusion with Aomine Daiki and obtains the skills of Aomine Daiki! !

[Zone]: You can enter the zone at any time. The current physical strength is enough to maintain for 12 minutes in a single quarter, and all attributes are increased to MAX (maximum) value.

[Infinitive shooting]: You can complete the shot in a variety of human body extreme positions. The more difficult the position, the higher your hit rate will be.

[Super high-speed dribbling]: When the speed reaches the extreme, at full value, you will be the fastest player on the court, and no one is faster than you.

[Playing style that does not adhere to the rules]: Your posture is very charming and has great appeal to fans!


Kobe: “He’s faster than AI. I’ve never seen a guy so fast!!”

James: “I don’t like playing against him. He can’t be guarded.”

Durant: “Death? Please, don’t let Zhou hear it, in front of him…


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