Navigation: The opening mechanical fruit hand-rubbed nuclear bomb

Navigation: The opening mechanical fruit hand-rubbed nuclear bomb


146 Chapters Ongoing Status


Nantianmen plans to launch tens of thousands of nuclear weapons with invincible space-based weapons.

Reynold traveled through the world of One Piece and became the emperor of a country.

Bind the super weapon system and get the mechanical fruit at the beginning.

The mechanical fruit can control all metals and create various weapons.

Terminators, drone swarms, aerospace carriers, intercontinental missiles, electromagnetic guns, laser cannons, nuclear bombs, and space-based weapons.

Reynold became the king of the most powerful weapons in the world, surpassing the Yonko.

The Five Old Stars were jealous of Reynold’s weapons and sent out an army to snatch them.

Laser cannons fall from the sky and destroy enemies thousands of kilometers away.

The general led the demon-slaying order to attack, and the space carrier launched nuclear missiles, destroying the demon-slaying order instantly.

Kaido, can your dragon breath destroy the world? Learn about the electromagnetic gun.

Kizaru, are you faster than light? Laser cannons are the real speed of light.

Im, you have a king? A 100-million-ton nuclear bomb was launched, destroying Mary Joa with one shot.

The Terminator army assembles, the aerospace carrier blocks out the sky, and thousands of nuclear bombs and cannons are fired, as well as space-based weapons.

Reynold ascended to the throne of the world and ruled the world.

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