Naruto: The villain template of me is regarded as the savior

Naruto: The villain template of me is regarded as the savior


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【Land of Rain】【World War II】
In the 37th year of the Konoha calendar, the Second Ninja War broke out.
The five major kingdoms started a war, and the Rain Country gradually died, just like water dissolving in water.
When that figure walked out of the rain curtain, the great country knew the fear of being dominated.
"The reason why people are unfortunate is that they are in this despicable world and are troubled by despicability, and even their own words and deeds have to become despicable."
Tsukimi Liyunchuan looked down at the ant-like ninja coalition at his feet, and softly said with pity in his blue eyes:
"You will not experience any pain, but will die peacefully like straw."
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"Hanzo-sama, I thought it was easy to be kind, but the boss told me that it is difficult to be kind."
Yahiko looked directly at the embarrassed Sanshou Hanzo and said in a deep voice: "Kindness pulling out teeth is weakness, and kindness forcing others is malice."
"Jiraiya, you can only say some beautiful words and place your future on your destiny. You can't change anything."
Facing Jiraiya's question, Nagato said calmly: "Brother is like a light that illuminates a corner. Your filth and filthiness are undoubtedly evident, so you call him a devil and me an evil ghost."
"Naruto! I will never hand you over to that despicable guy!"
Sasuke stared at the two figures stepping on the ruins of Konoha and said sternly: "Even if you break your bones, I will bring you back!"

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