Naruto: Revitalizing Uchiha starts with marrying Tsunade

Naruto: Revitalizing Uchiha starts with marrying Tsunade


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Story of: Naruto: Revitalizing Uchiha starts with marrying Tsunade

He traveled through time and became the Uchiha clan in the world of Naruto, and became the biological uncle of the One Dozen Seven and Two Pillars - Uchiha Tomiha.

Uchiha Tomiha, the waste of the Uchiha clan, as a direct descendant of the clan, did not open the Sharingan at the age of sixteen, and was looked down upon by countless clan members.

Inexplicably, he awakened to the family system of revitalization, and from then on he led a different life.

While Uzumaki Kushina was still a little kid, the hero rescued the beauty and gained favorability.

Uzumaki Kushina: You laugh at my red hair, and I hate my red hair too.

Uchiha Tomiha: Red hair, very beautiful, don't care too much about other people's opinions.


Senju Nasuki: Brother, can I help you chase my sister?

That year, Uchiha Tomiha put his hands on his hips and didn't know what an opponent was.

That year, Tomiha Uchiha confessed his love to Tsunade, but Naoki changed his tune that night.

Madara: Among the Uchiha clan, I, Madara, would like to call you the strongest.

Hashirama: Grandson-in-law, Tsunade is naughty, please educate her well.

Minato: That year, watching Kushina being taken away, I regretted it.

Obito: I want to create a world where Lin only belongs to me.

That year, the Uchiha clan became the Fourth Hokage.

The Third Hokage and Danzo want to seize power? Then kill him.

Now that I have become the Fourth Hokage, I will dominate the entire Konoha.

One versus seven: Uncle, Hyuga Hizashi wants to use Hinata Hinata to get married.

Tomiha Uchiha: Itachi, don't be fooled by beauty.

Sasuke: Uncle, Uzumaki Kaoru and Yamanaka Ino want to change their surname to our Uchiha.

Tomiha Uchiha: Is this difficult?


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