My uncle is Inzaghi

My uncle is Inzaghi


310 Chapters Ongoing Status


When he was 17 years old, Li Mo's height soared by 20 centimeters in half a year.
The little man with a height of 171 has almost lost his speed, ball feel and footwork.
But fortunately, the [Football Bond System] allowed him to get the [Scoring Smell Template] from his uncle Filippo Inzaghi to transform into a striker.
"The answer to Arsenal's striker after Robin van Persie left, you and Van Persie have a [competitive bond] and get Van Persie's [volley template]..."
"You are regarded as a lifelong enemy by Azar, and you get..."
"You make Mbappe/Haaland look up to you and get..."
The world loves me, hates me, laughs at me, despises me, they are all my fetters.
If you have a bond, you will become stronger!
Since then, world football has given birth to an increasingly versatile monster on the pitch.
It can be either middle or sideways.
Can attack or defend....

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