My powers are all based on the law of cause and effect

My powers are all based on the law of cause and effect


270 Chapters Ongoing Status


What is the law of cause and effect?
If the prerequisites are met, the corresponding effect will definitely be achieved.
Su Xin who activates the system can awaken various causal powers.
Seclusion Prayer: Put your hands together and teleport ten kilometers randomly.
Unyielding Dead: Resurrection for one hour after death
Self-transformation: Get other people's items without being noticed for more than ten minutes and gain ownership of them.
Self-deception: Close your eyes for more than three seconds and enter a state of invisibility.
There are also damage transfer, suffocation barrier, sword god slash, iron will, crazy provocation, explosive shooter, balance of life and death, benefiting oneself at the expense of others, fitness maniac, etc., a series of causal powers have been awakened one after another.
A few years later, someone interviewed Su Xin: "Mr. Su, many people say that you are the uncrowned king of the world. What do you think of this?"
"The uncrowned king?"
Su Xin grinned, then opened his arms and flew high into the air, his words clearly reaching the minds of all beings around the world:
"I am God!"

Note: This book is not a love story, but the growth process of a god on earth.

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