My Entire Family’s Gone Haywire!

My Entire Family’s Gone Haywire!


2751 Chapters Completed Status


Gu Xin fell ill, and when he recovered, he found that the whole family had changed.

The gambling almost sold his wife and daughter, and the daddy, who was drunk and wanted to beat others, said that he would not gamble anymore. He wanted to pick up his textbooks, participate in the imperial examination, and give them a happy life for the mother and daughter.

She is diligent in her hands and feet, and she does things neatly, but the mother who dares to be fierce to her will not even burn the fire, and she dared to carry the hatchet to confront the debt collector.

The embroidery work is excellent, indifferent to people, the sister who never cooks no longer takes needles, smiles more, and takes over all the work in the kitchen.

Gu Xin felt that she was dreaming. Except for the changes of her parents and sisters, after she rescued a fish and released it, those who scolded her would fall, and those who beat her with bad ideas would be unlucky. If she wanted to eat anything, the living creature would take the initiative to deliver it to the door. Come, hit her head on the door of her house, she can get it by coincidence without being a living thing.

How beautiful all this is!

Of course, it would be nice if the little boy in the town last week didn’t get nervous.

The little son of the Zhou family said that her father and mother would sell her, and her sister would also harm her in the future. The little son would take her far away and flee the magic cave.

Father Gu: Where is the little bastard, I am nine thousand years old, and a person who is only a thousand away from Long live will sell the baby girl?

Gu Niang: Fuck off, brat, as soon as I have a strong woman with a huge business empire, I finally have a girl, I am willing?

Sister Gu: The scumbag, don’t think I don’t know how scumbags are in your book and how it will hurt my Xiaoxinxin, ah!

The little son of the Zhou family: w(?Д?)w, why is it different from the previous life? However, no matter what is different, I will never miss the core core in this life.

Gu Xin: Have you ever asked my opinion?

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