With a side of heaven and paradise, from the prosperous future to return to 1995, Chen Ling inadvertently built a paradise…

Raising chickens and ducks, teasing dogs and cattle.

In his spare time, he went into the mountains to hunt for two or three days, and in his busy time, the fields were full of sweat and gold and silver.

The honey between the cliffs tastes good, and the fish and shrimp in the stream are interesting.

Fishing, picking melons, planting fruit trees.

Nest in the paradise, enjoy the landscape and pastoral songs, the pastoral scenery, work at sunrise and rest at sunset, the joy is also endless…

Also known as “Fugui Mountain Villa”.

Reminder: The first three chapters are a little bit cruel, mainly to pave the way, the five chapters get better, and the latter is mainly about farming and daily life! This is a novel about not engaging in a career, just wanting to lie down in a mountain village!

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