Moba Hero Designer

Moba Hero Designer


141 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Moba Hero Designer

After traveling to another world, Qin Nan discovered that there were only twenty-two heroes in the League of Legends in this world?

How many heroes are there? No skin at all? And there is no s game yet?

Bind to the League of Legends design system, my mother no longer has to worry about me not being able to design heroes!

Transform yourself into a partner of Penguin and the chief designer of League of Legends!

If you don't have a happy man, you'd still be a happy man! First release a happy style male Yasuo to make everyone happy!

Christmas? Five heroes will be released directly, as well as Christmas limited skins!

"Nan Shen! Come out with a new hero! Yasuo can't make me happy anymore!"

Qin Nan: Ten new heroes will be released soon!

"Nan Shen, help me design a hero that can carry everyone!"

Qin Nan: No problem, Ruofeng! The next version releases Card Master!

Yin Suwan: "Qin Nan, does this new underwear look good on me?"

Rita: "Qin Nan,...


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