Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion


1821 Chapters Ongoing Status


Han Muye, who was full of comprehension, was reborn in the world of cultivation, entered the sect of kendo, and became a sword watcher guarding the sword pavilion.

There are 100,000 swords hidden in the sword pavilion, and the sword watcher needs to wipe the long sword once a month.

Wipe the long sword “Qinghe” to get a wisp of sword energy.

Wipe the long sword “Purple Flame”, comprehend the original sword master’s swordsmanship, Liaoyuan, and acquire the fiery sword intent.

Wipe the spirit sword “mountain”, comprehend the experience of real kendo of the giant stone, and obtain the sword power of the mountains.

Han Muye has been watching swords for sixty years, and Han Muye has cultivated sword energy for sixty years.

In sixty years,

There were disciples who came to ask for swords and got Han Muye’s advice.

The saintess of the Demon Sect who came to steal swords was rewarded by Han Muye.

There was a swordsman who came to challenge and returned with a broken sword.

Sixty years later, the fairy world invaded.

The disciple who asked for the sword at that time has become a peerless sword fairy, holding the sword to the sky to guard one side.

The saintess of the Demon Sect who stole the sword back then was already the master of the Demon Sect. She only sent a letter to the sword pavilion and led the Demon Sect to fight in the sky.

The swordsman who challenged back then entered the Dao with one step, and his sword qi shot up three thousand feet into the sky.

Above the sky, the fairy masters suppressed it.

In the sword pavilion, Han Muye slowly got up, followed by thousands of long swords behind him.

“Today, I, Han Muye, hold a sword across the sky, looking at the gods in the sky, who can enter this mortal world?”

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