Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine


1132 Chapters Completed Status


Su Ji, a famous figure in the history books and a generation of demon concubine, has passed through!

As soon as she opened her eyes, she became the daughter of the Su family—a beautiful, pitiful little girl who was bullied by anyone who saw her.

It is also a small transparent girl group with countless black materials and paste to the eighteenth line.

Isn’t this… a full-level player returning to the novice village?

The demon concubine in the eyes of the world: her beauty is a disaster for the water, a disaster for the country and the people.

But I don’t know the real demon concubine – with great skills, decathlon, and not many cruel words!

On the stage of the performance, a shocking dance turned against the wind!

The calligraphy conference, the long-lost Huajin style is amazing!

In the museum, more than 10,000 cultural relics unearthed from the Mausoleum of the Demon Concubine shocked the country!

In the live broadcast room, the same red jade cream and muscle pills in Gongdou drama rejuvenated overnight!

The super wealthy Pei family has a fashionable old man who loves chasing stars and vows to make Su Ji his grandson-in-law!

The world knows that the third master Pei is rich but ruthless and not interested in women.

Black fans are looking forward to her marrying in and being a widow to watch a good show.

Later, at the award ceremony of the Grand Slam, Su Ji felt nauseated.

Fans thought she was sick, only the third master Pei, who had chased after her for two lifetimes, looked distressed: she has a second child, why is her reaction so big?


Everyone in the world said that the demon concubine brought disaster to the country and the people. Only he knew that she recruited talents from all over the world, knew people who were good at responsibilities, and laid the foundation stone for the peace of later generations.

In his previous life, he was a loyal dog boss who loved her to the core but could not show his face. After her death, he built a pure gold coffin for her and left with her regrets.

In this life, I will never let her go again…

[1v1 Shuangjie, sweet pet abuse scum, the all-powerful demon concubine conquers the world]

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