Martial Arts: Play the future, Li Hanyi goes crazy!

Martial Arts: Play the future, Li Hanyi goes crazy!


54 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Martial Arts: Play the future, Li Hanyi goes crazy!

Jun Shaoqing traveled through the world of mixed martial arts, but found that he couldn't help himself.

Fortunately, the system was successfully activated, and the road to defiance began.

Play the future timeline and become invincible now.

That day, the sky shone brilliantly, and hundreds of millions of people in Shenzhou were shocked.

When he saw Jun Shaoqing dying trying to save him, Li Hanyi did not hesitate to become possessed and went crazy with his sword!

Then Nangong Wencai, Bei Mingxue, Xiaobai Xiaoqing and other girls came to the door one after another.

Inherit the inheritance of [Yuanxie Emperor], unify the demon clan, and become one emperor through the ages.

Inheriting the inheritance of [Chi You], the tiger's soul is restored to glory, and the gods and immortals are slaughtered in the Seven Great Limits.

The Huntian Treasure Mirror, the Heavenly Crystal Artifact, the Supreme Demonic Weapon...

Suddenly looking back, Jun Shaoqing has become a god in martial arts and is looking down at the sky!

Emperor Shitian: I am playing tricks on all living beings, but Demon Emperor Jun Shaoqing is someone I dare not provoke!

Evil Sword Immortal: I am beyond the six realms, but I cannot escape from the hands of the Demon Emperor!

Demon respect building:..


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