Martial arts: Gold list exposed, wives are all female devils

Martial arts: Gold list exposed, wives are all female devils


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Ten years ago, Su Chen traveled through the world of mixed martial arts and awakened the god-level sign-in system!

After signing for ten years, Su Chen is now invincible!

During this period, Su Chen married six wives who were as beautiful as heavenly beings, and also made friends with several beauties in the world.

I thought I was going to live a life of ordinary sex and happiness like this, but I never thought that on this day, the Heavenly Dao Golden List would appear, and Kyushu would be shocked!

As the gold list was exposed, Su Chen discovered that his wife was not simple at all!

The sixth lady, Zhu Wanwan, is actually the saint of the Yingui sect, Huanwan!

The fifth lady practices Wushuang, the leader of Mingyue Gorge Village, and the white-haired witch practices colorful clothes!

The fourth lady, Li Shenglan, and the leader of the Demon Cult, Li Shengnan!

The third lady, Bai Shuangfei, and the master of the Ghost Palace, Bai Feifei!

The second wife, Dong Shaobai, is the leader of the Sun and Moon Sect, Dongfang Bai!

The eldest lady Li Xingyue, the eldest palace master of Yihua Palace invites the moon!

Su Chen: Yaoshou, is my wife a female devil?

Until Su Chen was exposed on the gold list and the girls discovered...


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