"Seraphina, do you ever wonder since when did things start getting worse for you?"

Vaan questioned with a big smile on his face.

Seraphina turned towards him, her expression was anything but good.

Seeing that Vaan was simply smiling at her, Seraphina decided to ignore him, she quickly turned towards Anna, she couldn't say anything, but just from her expressions, it was clear what she was trying to ask.

But then,


Seraphina heard a voice coming from behind.

She quickly turned around and noticed Vaan had closed the door and locked it from inside. Then, he glanced at her with a scary smile on her face.

Seraphina's instincts kicked in. They were warning her that something bad was about to happen, screaming that she should do something about this situation, however, there was nothing Seraphina could do.

She was locked in the room with Vaan.


Seraphina unconsciously gulped; her face was drenched in sweat.

Vaan, on the other hand, was enjoying this situation.

"You still didn't answer my question, Seraphina.

Do you recall since when did things start getting worse for you?"

"Y-Young Master Vaan, I don't think locking the room like this is appropriate." Seraphina stuttered.

She knew she was panicking, however, at the moment, she just couldn't calm her beating heart. She felt like the door that was closed shut was her way out, and she wanted it to be opened as soon as possible.

Vaan, however, completely ignored her words and continued,

"Just think about it.

Was it when you asked me to get that Book that stabilizes a Mage's Magic Circles?

Or was it when your maid offended me and you were forced to fire her?"

Seraphina was in no state to answer Vaan's question, Vaan's next word, however, managed to get a reaction out of her,

"Or was it when you spread those rumors about me sexually assaulting you?"

"I have already cleared it before, and I still stand by what I said. I did not spread those rumors, Young Master Vaan."

"But all the investigations point at a single culprit, Seraphina.

And that culprit is you.

All the sources of those rumors, when tracked down, it end up being one of your contacts.

It can be a coincidence one time, but every single time?

You are not treating me like a fool, are you?"

Vaan smiled.


Seraphina turned silent.

Vaan wasn't wrong.

Actually, she had investigated those rumors as well, and all those rumors do in fact point at her contacts, honestly, even if it was her in Vaan's stead, she would point her fingers at herself. However, Seraphina was innocent.

She hadn't spread those rumors.

She had no reason to.

What could she possibly achieve by spreading rumors like these!?

Intimidate Vaan?

How could some random mages standing up and wanting to challenge Young Master Vaan possibly intimidate him?

Even if Young Master Vaan hadn't acted against those Mages as he did, there was nothing they could have done other than blabber around.

There was no reason for Vaan to get intimidated by those mages with no substantial background.

If it was the previous Vaan, then maybe, however, Seraphina knew that Vaan had changed. She wouldn't have taken such a foolish action even if she was under the effects of drugs.

Not to mention such rumors degraded her 'value'. It would only make things difficult for her.

Seraphina knew the truth, someone had used her networks to spread these rumors to make it look like she was the one who spread it. Of course, the act itself isn't that difficult, her connections weren't loyal to her, they were just a way for her to do things.

However, knowing all the connections she normally uses and spreading the rumors using them, this was done by someone thorough, someone who had the power to track down her contacts, someone extremely influen-

Suddenly, Seraphina's expression changed.

"Actually, I do believe you.

I know you are not the one who spread those rumors." Vaan smiled.


"Now now, don't look at me with such disbelief. I trust you, Seraphina. I know with full certainty that you weren't the one behind this.

After all,

It was me."


Seraphina's widened her eyes in shock.

"W-Why did you do it!? It clearly affected your reputation! That is the last thing you want right now, don't you?" Seraphina couldn't understand.

"Is that really something you should be asking right now?" Vaan, however, wasn't planning on just ending it.

The game had just started.

"Shouldn't you be asking how I used all your connections without you getting to know about it? I didn't use the help of my Family, you know?"

"What do you me-" Seraphina wanted to say something, but then, she froze.

She thought of another possibility.


Her maid who had mysteriously disappeared.

Seraphina finally realized where her maid was.

She was betrayed.

"This is why I like you, Seraphina.

I never have to explain all the things, you just get it.

Though it is usually too late."

Vaan chuckled.

"Why are you doing this?" Seraphina stared into Vaan's eyes and questioned with an expressionless look on her face.

For some reason, knowing that she was cornered, rather than panicking even more, her heart had calmed down.

It was as if she had given up.

However, Vaan had just started.

Seraphina had no idea how badly she had been trapped.

"Do you even need to ask? I told you, didn't I? You tried to use me and cheat me out of my money, I am just playing my turn now.

You had your turn, now don't cry if my blows are stronger.

Anyways, where did you hide it?"

Suddenly, Vaan questioned as he looked around the room.

"What are you talking about?" Seraphina narrowed her eyes.

This time, she made sure to keep a straight face. This was something Vaan should not find out about no matter what. She could not make a mistake here. 

But again, no matter how much she tried it, the result of the game that had already ended couldn't be changed.

"Don't play the fool, Seraphina.

How long do you think I planned for this?

Do you even realize how much of a hassle it was to put the idea of using Dreamweave in your head through Asher?

You were quite against it at the start, I had to push to the corner before you finally gave in to Asher's words.

But oh well, it finally worked so I guess it's all good?"

"A-Asher…?" Seraphina's expression changed again.

The decision she made about keeping her face straight, trying not to give any emotional edge to Vaan any further that she already had, was completely ruined.

"What? You thought he was on your side?"

"But he…" Before Seraphina could even retort, she recalled every conversation she had with Asher and thinking about it from another angle, she realized.

Seraphina closed her eyes and clenched her fists, her closed eyes showing her helplessness while her clenched fists showing her frustration. 

"Anyways, tell me where you hid the Dreamweave." Vaan, obviously, didn't care about her and just questioned.

"I have no clue what you are talking about…" Seraphina replied without opening her eyes. Even when she was about to break on, she still held on.

But then,

"As you command, Young Master Vaan."

Anna's voice was heard.


Seraphina widened her eyes as she quickly turned towards her trusted maid, Anna, however, had already turned around and was walking towards the place she had told her about.

It was the place where the Dreamweave was hidden.

Vaan followed Anna.

"What are you doing!?" Seraphina screamed in rage as she rushed towards Anna, intending to stop her, however, Vaan suddenly grabbed her hand.

"You were the one who gave me the consent of searching your room. I would prefer it if you do not stop the people working for me from doing what they should be doing."

Seraphina turned towards Vaan, and with her eyes red in rage, she shouted,

"Stop your bullshit and release me right now!"

Vaan narrowed his eyes,

"And I should listen to you, why?"

Seraphina stopped talking, she just circulated her Mana and tried to create her Magic Circle, but,


Vaan slapped Seraphina. The sound of the slap was so loud and it resounded in the entire room. Seraphina's body froze, she could feel her cheek burning.

"Don't force me to use violence, Seraphina Stormweaver.

I may be a peace-loving, reasonable, and calm man,

But this doesn't mean I am not capable of violence."

Vaan commented with a cold look on his face.

"Young Master Vaan, it is here."

Anna spoke up.

Vaan walked towards her, leaving Seraphina behind.

This time, Seraphina didn't move.

Even Anna had betrayed her, it was over. She finally understood why Vaan was so confident. She never had the chance to get out of his trap.

"Oh ho ho~ What is this Seraphina?

Why is Dreamweave found in your room?

What would happen if I report this to the Vesta Family?"

Vaan's laugh was heard.


Seraphina, whose face was covered by her long hair didn't react.

Vaan narrowed his eyes, trying to think what this woman was trying to pull now,

"It is my loss. Everything that had happened, from using Young Master Vaan, to trying to use Dreamweave, I was the one who did it independently. The Stormweaver Family had nothing to do with it. They didn't even know what I was planning.

I am willing to accept whatever punishment I deserve according to the Vesta Family rules, even if it is death.

I surrender."

Seraphina had already given up.

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