Douluo: The Evil God System slaps Xiao Wu in the face at the beginning

Douluo: The Evil God System slaps Xiao Wu in the face at the beginning


112 Chapters Completed Status


Wake up.
Ye Han traveled through Douluo Continent.
At the beginning, Xiao Wu came to the door and was mercilessly humiliated!
Just because I made a spicy rabbit head dish in the morning?
Rabbits are just for people to eat, so what’s wrong with making them into food?
【Ding! Congratulations to the host, bound to the evil god system! 】
"Initial gift package: Chaos Evil God Eyes Martial Spirit!"
"The first soul skill: Eyes of the Evil God, see through everything in the world!"
【Ding! Released the content of the first test of the Evil God: Suppressing Xiao Wu! 】
Ye Han: "Very good! You Xiao Wu is unkind, don't blame me for being unjust!"
Xiao Wu: "No... no, please don't hurt third brother!"
【Ding! After completing the test of the evil god, the martial soul evolved into a strange fire! 】
"The first soul skill: Beast Spirit Fire, affects the soul of the soul beast."
With two super god-level martial spirits, everything in this world is an ant!
The arrogant Ning Rongrong? Suppression!
The aloof Zhu Zhuqing? Suppression!
Gentle Ye Lingling? Suppression!
The irritable Liu Erlong? Suppression!
The noble Qian Renxue? Suppression!
Charming Hu Liena? Suppression!
Sexy Bibi Dong? Suppression!
"Brainless cool article!"
"Torturing Master Tang Sanchi!"
"The whole orgasm is non-stop!"
"Enthralled in three chapters, addicted in ten chapters!"
"After a hundred chapters, I will never forget it for the rest of my life!"

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