Lux's Magic Penetration Rod

Lux's Magic Penetration Rod


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The Staff of the Void, also known as the Magic Penetration Staff, has a Darkborn attribute, is made of twisted flesh and blood, and has a staff core of Void Power. It is a must-have item for home and travel in Runeland.
A time traveler does not necessarily have a system - because a time traveler can also become someone else's system.
[Reward mission: The little yellow hair must die]: "Did you see that little yellow hair named Ezreal? Come on, Lux, give this thief a good beating, and I'll teach you how to change your profession to a great elementalist!"
"Your name is Ezreal? Lux's one-click super god rune is equipped!"
Keywords: League of Legends, Lux, Battle of Two Cities, Runeterra, Shurima, Demacia

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