Luo Xiaohei and his enemy trainer

Luo Xiaohei and his enemy trainer


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Story of: Luo Xiaohei and his enemy trainer

【Ding!The world the host is currently in is the Pokémon world, and its current identity is... Ding!mistake!mistake!data error!…】 【Ding!The system is being repaired...] [Ding!The system has been repaired, and the identity of the host is: Luo Xiaohei (cat demon)!] [Host: Luo Xiaohei Skills: Space System [Field] (Not Opened), Creature System [Demon Transformation Human Form] (Not Opened), Space System [Teleport], Spirit Control System [Gold], Creature System [Clone] ], Creature type [Demon Beast Form] Trainer: None Props: None] [Ding!It is detected that the host does not have a trainer. Ask the host to choose an excellent trainer for himself and help him become the best trainer in the world!] Luo Xiaohei was slightly dissatisfied: "I finally traveled through time, and you want me to become someone else's Pokémon? Wouldn't it be nice to be your own trainer?" [Ding!The host does not complete the task and cannot activate the skill Demonization: Human Form...] "You are such a dog..." (Note: This article is based on growth as a sub-line. The heroine is only a teenager, and she is still a cute little girl who is well protected. , you want me to write about being as murderous as hemp? So wise as a monster? Are you sick or am I sick? If you think the Holy Mother or something, I can only say that you have a dark heart. Why should you expose yourself to the world and society? Do you impose your perceptions on others? Even if the world makes things difficult for you, you can’t deny the existence of goodness. If you can’t stand it, don’t watch it.)


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