Love After Marriage, He Got A Free Wife

Love After Marriage, He Got A Free Wife


2358 Chapters Ongoing Status


Jiang Chen, the emperor of the business world, vowed not to marry a wife, until one day, after he was forced into a petite wife, Jiang Shao opened a new chapter in his life!
“President, my wife smashed the Wei family.”
Man: “Are you out of breath?”
Man: “Call a few more people to help her.”
“President, the wife got into a fight with someone, and the person was hospitalized.”
“Is she satisfied?”
The man continued to work, “Continue.”
One day, the man got angry when he learned that she was fighting again, “Gu Xiaonuan, do you need to clean up?!” A certain Xiaonuan: “Husband, you were never like this before~”
The man pointed at her big belly, “Did you have any goods in your belly before!”
Seven months pregnant, she went to fight? Directly scared the other party away, his soul was scared away, but she was proud that she won without taking a shot!

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