Lord of the People: My Explosion Rate is 100%

Lord of the People: My Explosion Rate is 100%


1335 Chapters Ongoing Status


The whole people came to the Supreme Continent, became the lord of one party, and participated in the struggle for hegemony among the lords of all races!

Some lucky lords will awaken their lord talents!

“Haha, my lord’s talent is the Hall of Knights, which can allow the lords to transfer to a special combat profession – fighting spirit knight!”

“My lord talent is the king of the abyss, and I can summon the demons of the abyss to become my subjects!”

“There are countless scientists among my subjects, and I want to develop black technological civilization!”

“My lord’s talent can refine Qi and practice, and it is up to me to become an immortal and an ancestor!

Zhou Zhou Awakens Top Lord Talent: 100% Explosion Rate!

Not only can you see the loot drop rate of the enemy, but you can also let the enemy drop all the loot after death!

Zhou Zhou: See if I don’t expose all your lord talents!

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