Lord of all people: My attributes increase everything

Lord of all people: My attributes increase everything


358 Chapters Ongoing Status


The Blue Star Catastrophe, the Abyss Invasion, the Law of Heaven descended, and the age of lords began for all the people.

Su Wen traveled through the parallel world and awakened his double hidden talents.

Gain the ability to increase attributes of everything in the territory.

After the ordinary warrior [Flower Language Shooter] is increased, a level 10 warrior [Flower Language Marksman Warrior] will be obtained.

After the ordinary civilian [Flower Elf] increases, he will obtain the peerless and rare exclusive civilian [Flower Elf King]

After the normal [Field] is increased, the [Kanda] yield will increase by 10,000 times and the growth rate will increase by 10,000 times.

After increasing the normal weapons, obtain the artifacts.

After the territory increases, you will obtain the Kingdom of God!

Su Wen: "I am destiny! Disobeying my orders means violating destiny! You should be punished!"


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