Looking After a Battle God With Hundreds of Billions in Supplies

Looking After a Battle God With Hundreds of Billions in Supplies


673 Chapters Completed Status


Su Ying, a major general of the armored army of the last days, traveled through time, to the body of a scumbag who colluded with a scumbag to murder her husband. She was exiled as soon as she came, and she also gave her two children and a disabled husband who killed her every minute.

Small injury, big disability, Su Ying waved his hand, it’s not a problem.

On the way to exile, I didn’t eat or drink and was hunted down, so I was sprinkled with water.

With the material and space in hand, she has meat in her left hand and wine in her right hand. The assassins come one by one, and two kill one pair.

Treat the disabled husband well, raise a fat and cute baby, build mountains and houses on the wasteland, farm around the land, establish your own civilization and kingdom, and be your own queen.

After curing the illness of the disabled husband and letting him go back to Shangjing to clean up his grievances and regain everything that belongs to him, Su Ying and Li Shu dumped it on the table.

A certain king gritted his teeth and blocked others: Su Ying, you dare to leave and try!

The two cute babies rushed to hug Su Ying’s legs, “Mother, don’t you want your baby?”

Su Ying raised her forehead, well, then take it all!

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