Long Live The Emperor!

Long Live The Emperor!


469 Chapters Completed Status


It has been 17 years since Xia Ji transmigrated into the Shang Dynasty as the Seventh Imperial Prince but he has since met with tragedy after another.

His mother was murdered by a mysterious person and he ended up being under house arrest for three years for consorting with a demon lady.

All he had were Buddhist scriptures and his little sister, the Ninth Imperial Princess, by his side as he was abandoned by the entire Imperial family.

However, as danger looms the Imperial City, Xia Ji has been secretly accumulating his powers, waiting for the right time to strike with no mercy and no benevolence.

Hungry for more power, Xia Ji continues his quest for ultimate conquest and the only person he will give up everything to protect, is his precious little sister, Xia Xiaosu.

[Invincible Text]

“Xia Ji, as the prince, you actually have an affair with a demon girl and defiled my royal face. What crime should you be!”

“I would like to stay in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion for three full years.”

“That’s it.”

“Your Majesty, there are a lot of magical arts in the Royal Buddhist Scripture Pavilion…”

“All moved, leaving only the Buddhist scriptures for that Nizi!!”

Thus, the fifteen-year-old prince read the Buddhist scriptures for two years.

You flipped through the “Prajna Heart Sutra” and extracted the skill pearl “Fudo Ming King Body (Ninth Floor)”

You have turned over the “Diamond Sutra” and extracted the skill pearl “Nine Suns Heart Sutra (ninth layer)”

You turn over the “Ksitigarbha Sutra” and extract the skill bead “Eighteen Prison Force (Ninth Floor)”

You have turned over the “Shu Hua Yi Shu”, “Lian Hua Sutra”, “Axu Mi Sutra”, “Now Tathagata Sutra”…

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