LOL: The days of cultivating immortality in Rune Continent

LOL: The days of cultivating immortality in Rune Continent


184 Chapters Ongoing Status


Traveling to Rune Continent with a game system from a small three-game manufacturer, Rowan looked down at the wooden sword in his hand, and then at the strange guys in the friend list.
[Your friend Jarvan IV has inherited an epic weapon, the Dragon Splitter, and his strength has greatly increased! 】
[Your friend Bobby has received the blessing of Runeterra—physical enhancement! 】
[Your friend Janna has gained the power of faith - sublimation of godhood]
[Your friend Lord of Shadow Stream was attacked by your friend Eye of Twilight]
Seeing what happened to everyone in the friends list, Luo Wen, who had only been practicing for a few years, decisively put down the iron sword in his hand and turned around and returned to his small house.
More than ten years later——
The Noxians invaded Demacia on a large scale, and the border became a must-pass point for Noxian attacks. When the war officially invaded the town, a sword flew out of the air.
Thousands of swords and shadows appeared in the sky, and the patron saint of the kingdom retreated with the power of one person.
"I knew this guy was a talent from the day I saw him" - Tiana Crownguard.
"It's not that it's more cost-effective to invade Ionia, it's that Demacia can't afford it!" - Jericho Swain.
"My kingdom needs people like him." - Eagle Father Azir.
"Although I am very dissatisfied with those ditch rats, who dares not to listen to the orders of the Ninth Councilor?" - Councilor Tallis.
Looking back, Rowan discovered that in less than a hundred years, his footprints had spread all over Rune Continent.

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