Live broadcast: My leisurely life at sea

Live broadcast: My leisurely life at sea


155 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Live broadcast: My leisurely life at sea

Lin Lang was tired of his daily life as a social worker, so he returned to his hometown on the island and started a leisurely life of live streaming and going to the sea.

On the first day of the live broadcast, his skills in taming a man-eating shark shocked everyone, and he rode a shark into the sea, which became popular all over the Internet.

Picking up a shell at random, you find that it is full of precious pearls...

Proficient in swimming, diving, fishing, boat building and many other skills

Fan 1: "Anchor, how do you do it underwater?"

Fan 2: "Anchor, your figure is so good, I really want to lick the screen."

Fan 3: "Anchor, 666, found another Ming Dynasty shipwreck, let's see what treasures there are!"

Second Aunt: "Xiao Chao, your great white shark capsized someone else's fishing boat again!"


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