Lady Mira Began Her Journey Of Pure Love

Lady Mira Began Her Journey Of Pure Love


117 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Lady Mira Began Her Journey Of Pure Love

Brief introduction: 【System + Urban brainstorm + Multi-tasking + Superpowers + Ninjutsu + Other world + Bright text + Plane traversal 】 Shen Tian accidentally traversed to a multi-colored
place Many colors, many strange things in the world.
He originally thought he could happily live on earth, finish college, and spend his life.
Never thought that this world travel is a bit different from what he thinks.
Uncle Fat Trach, lowly coach, classmate Hoang Mao, instructor, teacher... All
kinds of things, how can there be people in the class called Ha Diep, Thien Hac, Thien Hac? , and there are a few girls in the class who look at me with somewhat different eyes?
Auntie called Mira, and there was also a twin sister who was her adoptive sister...
These things were too many to name and all deeply pained God's heart.
Finally, Than Thien incarnated the pure love god of war, from here Tu Duong flowers bloomed in the summer, beating the buffalo's head to pieces.
(Brief introduction, please see.)


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