Kuroko's Basketball: The Strongest Shield

Kuroko's Basketball: The Strongest Shield


203 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Kuroko's Basketball: The Strongest Shield

Atsushi Murasakihara: I already feel that I will not lose to anyone, even Xiao Chi is no exception, I am the strongest. Akashi Seijuro: Victory is everything in this world. Everything for the winner will be affirmed, and everything for the loser will be denied. My victory over all is absolute. Aomine Daiki: Although there may be someone stronger than me in the future, the only one who can beat me is myself. Midorima Shintaro: I just do my best to wait for the destiny. My shots will never be missed. Kise Ryota: I won't lose, no one can beat me no matter what. The protagonist of this book is Atsushi Murasakihara, not a time traveler. Since junior high school, he has been an authentic Atsushi Murasaki, with a natural dullness, a foodie, and a cute personality. Let’s see how Atsushi Murasaki used his own basketball to defeat the era of miracles. (Junior high school is just a transition, and the main text starts in high school)


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