I really want to hit the street

I really want to hit the street


540 Chapters Ongoing Status


Recently, our newspaper interviewed people who are known as the income ceiling of online articles, the king of new media, the online article writer who understands readers best, the revolutionary who leads the new online article era, the top screenwriter who governs by doing nothing, the top ten outstanding young people of the United Nations, and the 21st Century Chinese Pu Jie is the first person to export Chinese culture.
"How do you achieve at this age what most cultural workers would find difficult to achieve in their lifetime?"
In this regard, Pu Jie has trouble saying,
I almost cried in front of the camera,
"I'm really not the kind of person you think"
"In the beginning, I just planned to buy a book."
"Please don't read my books anymore, I will starve to death if I make more money..."
"What are you doing!? I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy!"
The staff controlled the excited Pu Jie, and the reporter smiled at the camera and said:
"Look, the ability of excellent online writers to write stories always exceeds our expectations."

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