I Made a Fortune By Raiding Houses In Ancient Times

I Made a Fortune By Raiding Houses In Ancient Times


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[Debt collection + metaphysics + cool writing]

Ling Chu is dead.

Inexplicably, he traveled through time and became the eldest girl of Shangshu Mansion.

However, he was not favored. He was ordered by the Taoist priests when he was just born to punish his relatives.

He was sent to a Taoist temple for foster care since he was a child, and was not taken back to his hometown until he was a child.

She thought she would live a happy and beautiful life from now on, but what greeted her was an imperial edict to behead everyone in her family.

In order to save her life, she risked her life and cooperated with Jin Yiwei to ransack her home.

For this reason, everyone rebelled against their relatives.

Others thought she was going to cry bitterly, confess to her family and ask for forgiveness.

But she was busy collecting debts, making money, and helping ghosts fulfill their last wishes and accumulate merit to extend her life.

Just when she was living a happy life as a child, she discovered that her parents were both fake.

Just when everyone in Kyoto was waiting for her to go back and fight with the fake daughter,

But she turned around and joined the frightened Jin Yiwei, and was busy following the God of Death every day to ransack homes all over the capital.

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