I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head


2597 Chapters Completed Status


In the era of cataclysm, a sword of light came from outside the sky, breaking the boundary between the earth and the Kunlun realm. The world collapsed and the ground was broken, with countless deaths and injuries. The remaining humans entered the colonial road of the Kunlun realm, and thus entered the Kunlun calendar era!

This is an era where masters are coming out in large numbers, and there are countless masters coming out!

This is a bloody era, the survival of human beings, and the collision of otherworldly beasts!

This is a great era, in which countless ancestors have gone forward and shed their blood, and mankind will be king!

And how will Chu Yunfan, who has obtained the inheritance of the supreme power of the super ancient civilization, the pill emperor, make a way to the sky in such an era!

Genius? Sorry, I am!

Resources? My medicine can kill you!

inherited? The supreme heritage is in my mind!

Our journey is endless planes!

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