I Have Awesome Luck

I Have Awesome Luck


1064 Chapters Completed Status


Before being reborn, Li Muyao, who failed the college entrance examination at the age of 18, spent three years from a beauty apprentice to a beautician.

From a beautician to a senior beautician manager, it took twelve years. In the twelve years, she put together a house and a car, millions of savings, and finally a good man who had met on a blind date for a few days proposed to her.

As long as she agrees to him, she can resolve the rift with her family and get rid of the entanglement of the scumbag.

At the age of 32, she has a house, a car, a ticket, and a man, and she is about to reach the pinnacle of her life.

Happy up, accidentally drank too much.

Woke up and returned to the apprenticeship period.

After rebirth, 19-year-old Li Muyao found that her luck seemed to have improved!

ultra! level! it is good!


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