I, Constantine, Chief Exorcist of Hogwarts

I, Constantine, Chief Exorcist of Hogwarts


83 Chapters Ongoing Status


Travel through the world of Harry Potter and successfully activate the [Strongest Exorcist System] before enrolling in school.

As long as you complete the exorcism, you will be rewarded with a treasure chest corresponding to the level of the evil spirit. Catching the devil alive will get double rewards.

As a result, Hogwarts, which was already restless, was in a state of panic.

Voldemort: Bastard, isn’t there only one basilisk in Slytherin’s Chamber of Secrets? What’s going on with this terrifying hell demon? !

Dumbledore: Mr. Constantine, could you please explain why there are so many demons in Hogwarts?

Hermione: To hell with that damn school rule! I, Granger, want to be an exorcist!

Snape: I’m warning you, Mr. Constantine! Don’t let that damn succubus turn into Lily again!

When the Death Eaters racked their brains and finally resurrected Voldemort.

After the resurrection, Voldemort looked at Constantine holding the [Satanic Deal Contract] with a look of pain on his face.

“Mr. Constantine, to be fair, I, Tom Riddle, am at least very qualified as your exorcism tool, right?”

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