[Welcome players to the “Incarnation of Everything” game]

[The following are some game descriptions of this game]

[During the game, you can become a player and experience the different fun in this world, and at the same time, your arrival will bring new life to everything in the game]

[Currently due to the indulging system in this game, even if you are an adult, your daily playing time is still no more than twelve hours, and you will be kicked out of the game when the game is full. I hope to understand.]

[Currently your game level is: Level 1]

[You can have an avatar every month, incarnate into lower life and things]


[Because this game aims to provide players with the most perfect gaming experience, the game will provide players with guiding tasks during the game. 】

[Guide missions are not compulsory, please choose whether to follow the guide to play. 】

[Only, I wish you a happy game! 】

When Ji Yu started the game, he realized that all this was just the beginning.

When the purple moon descended, the whole world began to become no longer normal.

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