I Am Evergreen In the World of Cultivating Immortals

I Am Evergreen In the World of Cultivating Immortals


424 Chapters Ongoing Status


Lu Chang’an cultivated the reincarnation of immortals for two generations, and in the third life, An Wengou reached the Nascent Soul stage, solved the mystery of the reincarnation stele, and then practiced the mediocre ancient health-preserving skills.

Avoid fighting and fighting, operate steadily, and form good relationships with people.

After a long cultivation career, I got acquainted with growing characters, upright leaders, celestial beauties, demon giants, evil cultivators, thousand-year-old monsters, behind-the-scenes chess players…

Watch the ups and downs of the world, the ebb and flow of the tide.

Unknowingly, it has become a living fossil in the world of cultivating immortals, an evergreen tree through the ages.


Mortal flow, stable, pseudo-longevity, decisive killing, and normal three views.

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