I am a mortal, a disciple of Spirit Beast Mountain

I am a mortal, a disciple of Spirit Beast Mountain


574 Chapters Ongoing Status


Starting from a family cultivating immortals in Xu State, let's see how Jiang Yun, who has five spiritual roots, catches up with those heaven's favored ones. Compared with the proud clansmen, Jiang Yun is cautious and respectful to his elders.
Take care of the spirit field, cultivate spirit beasts and spirit insects, and study the method of alchemy and formation. Don't dare to slack off for a moment.
Just looking at more and more spirit beasts and insects, Jiang Yun thought to himself.
(You must work harder to earn spirit stones, otherwise you will soon be unable to support them!)

Let's see who will be immortal five hundred years from now.

Mortal novels are mainly based on mortal animation, and the level setting is borrowed, adding very few second settings.
It is not easy for newcomers to create, please support.

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