I heard that the new transfer student was a hidden boss, and even the boss of the vocational school next door bowed to him.

Accidentally made the same table with the boss.

Jiang Ling was trembling, for fear that the boss would beat her if he was upset.

The gangster forgot to bring her pen for the exam, and unhurriedly buttoned her table: “Borrow a pen at the same table.”

Jiang Ling knows his heart is trembling, borrowed.

The boss forgot to bring his notebook with his homework: “Borrow a notebook at the same table.”

Jiang Ling knows he has lingering fears, so let’s borrow it again.

The gangster forgot to bring her book to school, so he naturally pulled her book over: “I borrowed your book at the same table and took a look.”

Jiang Ling knew that he had tolerated and endured, and then borrowed again.

Finally one day, when there is no borrowing, the boss sighed, and whispered in her ear: “I have everything, but I lack a girlfriend. At the same table, what time is it convenient for you to lend you? I?”

Jiang Ling knew: “…”

[Campus Little Sweet, Shuangjie, Sweet Pet]

[The heroine’s name : Ling (líng)]

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